About Us

Dynamex Trading offers a number of services but specializes in offering an agency only approach to trading for hedge funds, mutual funds, broker dealers, family offices, investment managers, RIA’s, and other institutional clients.

Experience the Difference

Dynamex Trading employs an agency-only approach to options and equities execution services. That means we act solely as an advocate for the institutional trading community, helping them to maximize the returns on their portfolios using US equity options.

Our customer first approach distinguishes us from others. Dynamex traders have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the options markets and they use this knowledge to obtain the best possible execution for their clients.

Traders… Not Sales People

Our execution traders are all former option market makers with over 25 years of collective market making experience. This experience gives us a distinct advantage over bulge bracket firms that simply hire sales people to execute trades. Whenever possible, our traders provide market color when they see activity that might be of interest to you. This information is timely and customized to meet your needs. A salesperson simply can’t compare.

Solid Infrastructure

Dynamex Trading has a solid infrastructure and was built with the goal of providing the best possible execution of your firms’ equity and options trades. Our entire team has market making experience. Through our extensive network of options market makers and liquidity providers we can discreetly execute large volume trades, while maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients at all times. And, with every transaction, we endeavor to provide price improvement.

Client Satisfaction = Success

It’s not enough for our traders to just execute, we make it a priority to get to know each of our clients and gain a comprehensive understanding of their objectives and goals. Our traders take the time to really become part of their client’s team so they can work together seamlessly and serve as a valuable trading resource. At Dynamex, we measure our success through client satisfaction. We keep our clients fully informed, work efficiently and effectively and deliver an unparalleled level of customer service.